6th Joint Conference of the DGHM & VAAM

72nd Annual Meeting of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM)
Annual Meeting 2020 of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM)
08–11 March 2020 • Leipzig (Germany)

Organisational Remarks



Mini Symposia of the VAAM Special Groups

Title: tba.
Monday, 9 March 2019 | 08:30–10:00

08:30–09:00 Tba.
Ulrike Mäder (Greifswald/DE)
09:00–09:30 Functional Genomics of the mushroom-forming Basidiomycete Schizophyllum commune
Robin Ohm (Utrecht/NL)
09:30–10:00 Tba.
Christian von Mering (Zurich/CH)
From 10:00 General meeting of the special group with election

Title: Recent Challenges in Bacterial Systematics
Monday, 9 March | 18:00–19:30

18:00–18:11 Controversies in bacterial taxonomy: The example of the genus Borrelia
Gabriele Margos (Oberschleissheim/DE)
18:11–18:41 Recent challenges in bacterial systematics: reclassification of mollicutes
Daniel Brown (Gainesville, FL/USA)
18:41–19:11 Taxonomy of the genus Lactobacillus: Description of 24 novel genera and emended description of the genus Lactobacillus Beijerink 1901
Charles M. A. P. Franz (Kiel/DE)
19:11–19:41 The disruptive effects of nomenclature: time to abandon trivia
Brian J. Tindall (Braunschweig/DE)

Title: Space Microbiology: Current Experiments & Outlook
Monday, 9 March 2019 | 18:00–20:30  

Chairs Katharina Siems, Ralf Möller (Cologne/DE)
18:00–18:05 Welcome
Ralf Möller (Cologne/DE)
18:05–18:25 Key note: Overview of NASA aerobiology research activitie
David Smith (Washington, D.C./USA)
18:25–18:40 Efficiency of two antimicrobial surface coatings, AGXX® and GOX, in the reduction of bacterial contamination during the SIRIUS-19 simulated space mission
Daniela Wischer
18:40–18:55 Staphylococci in space - Characterization of a Staphylococcus capitis ISS isolate for the upcoming space flight project (BIOFILMS)
Katharina Siems (Cologne/DE)
18:55–19:10 Ralstonia prophages as indicators of dispersal over the space analogue Antarctica
Janina Rahlff (Essen/DE)
19:10–19:25 Discovering the Earth’s extremes – Bioprospecting for extremozymes in volcano-associated habitats in Costa Ric
Anna Krüger (Hamburg/DE)
19:25–19:45 Key note: Fungal biotechnology in space: Why & How?
Vera Meyer (Berlin/DE)
19:45–20:00 Mold in space: Aspergillus niger adaptation to space radiation and microgravity
Marta Cortesao (Cologne/DE)
20:00–20:15 Exocube: An astrobiological exposure platform for in-situ monitoring of microbial samples on board the International Space Station
David Burr (Berlin/DE)
20:15–20:30 In search for Iranian extremists
Jens Rudat (Karlsruhe/DE)
20:30 Summary and farewell
Ralf Möller (Cologne/DE)

Title: Influence of biofilms on drinking water quality.
Monday, 9 March 2019 | 18:00–20:00

18:00–18:40 Nitrifying biofilms in full-scale chloraminated drinking water distribution system
Stephan Würtz (Singapore/SG)
18:40–19:20 Managing microbial quality of drinking water in buildings
Frederik Hammes (Dübendorf/CH)
19:20–20:00 Tba.

Title: Moonlighting Proteins and Promiscuous Enzymes
Monday, 9 March 2019 | 18:00–20:00 

18:00–18:30 CpgA, a checkpoint protein for ribosome assembly, moonlights as an essential
metabolite-proofreading enzyme
John Helman (Ithaca, NY/US)
18:30–19:00 A small RNA binding protein for cell envelope precursor sensing and signaling in Escherichia coli
Boris Görke (Vienna/AT)
19:00–19:30 Ancestral Origins of Ribosome-Associated Quality Control
Claudio Joazeiro (Heidelberg/DE)
19:30–19:45 Functional promiscuity of members of the solute/sodium symporter family
Heinrich Jung (Munich/DE)
19:45–20:00 Enzymatic decarboxylation of the glycation compound N-ε-Carboxymethyllysine (CML)
Michael Hellwig (Dresden/DE)

Title: Microbial Life in the Subsurface
Monday, 9 March 2019 | 18:00–19:30 

18:00–18:40 Uncovering the sedimentary archaeal biosphere of Guaymas Basin
Andreas Teske (Chapel Hill, NC/US)
18:40–18:55 High taxonomic predictability of tiny microbial communities enclosed in oil
Verena Brauer (Duisburg-Essen/DE)
18:55-19:10 Carbon dioxide degassing enhances microbial metabolism in the continental subsurface
Till Bornemann (Duisburg-Essen/DE)
19:10-19:25 A microbiologist dream: Elucidating the functional differences of thick and slimy cave biofilms by applying environmental metagenomics
Clemens Karwautz (Vienna/AT)
19:25-19:40 Temperature limits to deep subseafloor life in the Nankai Trough subduction zone
Kai-Uwe Hinrichs (Bremen/DE)