6th Joint Conference of the DGHM & VAAM

72nd Annual Meeting of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM)
Annual Meeting 2020 of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM)
08–11 March 2020 • Leipzig (Germany)

Organisational Remarks



Presentation requirements

Submission of a Presentation & Technical Information
The presentation should be prepared as PDF, MS Office PowerPoint for Windows or KeyNote for Macintosh DVD in format 4:3.
A presentation notebook with a PDF reader and MS Office PowerPoint 2016 will be provided. The use of personal notebooks is possible upon agreement. However, it may interrupt the flow of the programme in the lecture hall. Please provide an adapter for VGA if necessary.

To guarantee a smooth running programme please upload your presentation in due time before your presentation scheduled.

Presentation Upload
The media check-in for uploading your presentation is located in room A122 (please follow the signposting). For submission, please use a USB flash drive, CD or DVD disc that is not protected by any software. Professional staff and equipment will be available for you to arrange and preview your presentation.

Time Allocation
Please prepare your presentation for the allotted amount of time (please see programme for details). Chairs and moderators may interrupt should you overrun your time limit.

Display of Name and Countdown in projection
Your name will be displayed in the middle upper part of your presentation. Please consider to leave space (ca. 1/10 height at the top of your presentation). A countdown will be displayed on the bottom right corner.

Please note that there will be a poster change from Monday to Tuesday.

The poster sessions will not be chaired. The presenting author gets the chance to present the poster to an interested audience.

Please be available at your poster during your poster session on Monday or on Tuesday.

Pins will be provided on your poster board. Please do not use any other type of pins than those provided. All poster boards will be labelled with a poster number. You can find your poster number in the programme.

The size of your poster has to be in accordance to DIN format A0 (84,1 cm width x 118,9 cm height) and should not be laminated. The poster should be prepared in Englilsh.

Poster Session 1 I Monday, 9 March I 15:30–18:00

All posters from Poster Session 1 have to be attached until 12:00 hrs on Monday, 9 March and have to be removed until 10:00 on Tuesday, 10 March.

Please note that the posters from Poster Session 1 located in the Paulinum (Topics: Diagnostic and Clinical Microbiology; Hospital Infection Control, Outbreaks and MDRO) can only be attached from Monday morning on, due to the Welcome Reception on Sunday evening.

Diagnostic and Clinical Microbiology
Ecology and Physiology of Anaerobes
Gastrointestinal Infections
Hospital Infection Control, Outbreaks and MDRO
Microbial Biotechnology
Microbial Cell Biology
Microbial Stress Response
Microbiota, Symbiosis and Host
Open Topics
Recent Challenges in Bacterial Systematics
Single Cell Analysis
Viruses & Phages

Poster Session 2 I Tuesday, 10 March I 15:30–18:00

All posters from Session 2 have to be attached until 12:00 on Tuesday, 10 March and have to be removed until 12:00 on Wednesday, 11 March at the latest

Desinfection and Technical Hygiene
Environmental Microbiology
Eukaryotic Pathogens: Fighting Fungi and Parasites
Food Microbiology and Hygiene
Infection Immunology
Membranes and Transport
Metabolic Modelling and Engineering
Microbial Ecology and Evolution
Microbial Pathogenicity
Molecular Infection Epidemiology
National Reference Laboratories and Consiliary Laboratories
Phototrophic Microorganisms
Sensing and Signalling
Synthetic Microbiology

The abstract book will be available as electronic version at the conference website. You can find your abstract according to the programme ID.